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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Eyes of the Day - Banana Meerkat

This look was the result of wanting to use the neglected yellows in my collection like Fyrinnae Banana Mochi. It's a lovely soft shimmery yellow, something I don't often use, as I usually want either a proper gold, or a bold matte yellow. But I think it actually looks lovely!

I also used some other soft pretty colours for this look.

Hi Fi Cosmetics So What is a beautiful pale pink with blue shimmer, used on the lid.
Fyrinnae Meerkat in the outer corner.
A tiny bit of Hi Fi In Bloom between So What and Meerkat.

On the cheeks I have Evil Shades Blush in Gossamer. I can't tell you how much I love this blusher, it's beautiful. I've been looking for something with a strong blue duochrome for ages, and this definitely fits the bill. I'll hopefully get a more in depth post up about Evil Shades and the products I've tried from them :)


  1. Banana meerkat has to be the best name for an eye look I've ever heard - hands down

  2. I love this color combo...so pretty :)

  3. Awwh the little pop of yellow is so cute! As is the purple....okay so maybe the whole look is adorbz and pretty :3

  4. Been meaning to get Banana Mochi for a long time! I'll have to steal this inner corner yellowness from you :)

  5. Meredith Jessica@ lol thanks :p

    Thanks everyone! Robyn, dooo it! I love yellow inner corners for some reason, they seem to work with anything :)

  6. loooove this easy shading! less is more sometimes! and the liking of yellow inner corners is because you have the most fantastic colours of eyes I have ever seen!

  7. This looks really pretty <3 The combination is fab!!!