HyperSmash Hues N Blues: November 2011

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Experiments: Cut-Crease Attempt #1

Hello! I've been obsessing over makeup by Lauren aka queenofblending lately, and she is an expert in the cut crease look, so I wanted to see if I could do it myself! I've had a go using just simple colours and some glitter. Hopefully I will be able to do a modified version of this over the Christmas period, as I feel dragalicious makeup is totally appropriate for works do's, family gatherings and the like...

Aaand the obligatory blurry omg sparkly picture:

I'm actually really pleased with how this turned out. The lid looks a little dirty, so I would probably use a different colour other than white next time, and I'd use glitter which is closer to the eyeshadow colour. Cool as this one with reflects is, maybe its not perfect with this look.

I used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Sugarpill Tako
Sleek black from Curacao palette
Silvery/grey colour and dark grey from cheapo Claire's palette
White/green duochrome colour from Sue Moxley palette
No-name glitter eyeliner (as a base)
MAC Glitter Reflects Blue
Smashbox liquid eyeliner pen
Covergirl Lashblast

Hope you like it!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

EOTD: Fire and Water

Hi everyone! This look is what I wore today; very bright and crazy colours but I still wore it out to the Post Office. That's how I roll. Here's the pics:

For this look I used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Sleek Curacao palette (the light turquoise colour)
Sleek Aruba blusher
Sugarpill Flamepoint, Love+ and Poison Plum

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

I'm Baaack!

Hello, I've finally got some looks to show you! Yay! Just a quick few photos, they're not the best quality as I'm just figuring out where the best place for light is etc.

This look was done using Fyrinnae Parental Advisory on the lid, with a little bit of Sennyo in the centre of the lid, and MAC Violet Pigment in the crease. I used Shiro Cosmetics Lolita to blend it upwards, and in the inner corner. On the lower lashline I used Barry M Kingfisher (I think!) and something else I can't remember (sorry!). But it was a deep teal with a blackened base.

Sorry for the terrible blurry photos, I blame the bad light! I used Wrapped Up from the Sleek Au Naturel Palette, and Urban Decay Sidecar on the lid, and I think I used Darkhorse on the lid. Another glitter bomb from Urban Decay as you can tell! I should've used some Pixie Epoxy with Sidecar, oh well...

And for those interested, I'll talk a little bit about the college course I'm doing. I've just started a course in fashion and photographic makeup, and I'm enjoying it so much! I've only been doing it for three weeks thus far, but I've enjoyed every minute. We finally got to get brushes in our hands this week, as we got our kits in and were shown how to apply foundation. So much fun! All the girls in the class seem really lovely, and I can't wait til we get to do some more colourful stuff! :D Let me know if there's anything you want to know about the course, you can contact me here or on Twitter if you like.

Bye for now!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Still Here!

Hi guys, sorry for the long absence, have been very busy but I will be back asap with some posts for you. I hope to have a few reviews coming up as well as some more looks. I have started college now studying makeup, so while I am really busy at the moment, I am feeling more inspired and can't wait to show you the stuff I will be doing.

Speak to you soon! Thanks for waiting :)