HyperSmash Hues N Blues: April 2011

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Monday, 25 April 2011

Review: Primark Shimmer Blush Pearls

Today I got these really pretty blusher pearls from Primark. They are so cute!

As you can see they are heart shaped shimmery pink pearls. They come in a jar with an applicator sponge, which I find a bit too rough to use. I find it easier to use a large powder brush and swirl it over the pearls. You don't get a lot of product however and it is very sheer. I think this could be better used as an all-over face powder rather than a blusher, even on my pale skin. The colour is along the same lines of Accessorize's Pretty Pink Blusher. Really nice as a highlight, not too shimmery or glittery, but gives a really pretty sheen.

Here it is swatched on my skin:
You might be able to tell how pale it is from this picture.

Overall: Lovely product used as a highlighter or all over 'glowy' powder, but too pale for blush for almost all skintones I would think.

Available from Primark, £2.50

Friday, 22 April 2011

Bright Spring Greens

Today I decided to do something really bright so I pulled out my Sleek Acid Palette and a bit of Sugarpill.

Products used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sleek Acid Palette (I used the white, bright green and yellow)
Sugarpill Buttercupcake
Nyx eyeshadow palette in TS40 - Aquamarine
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Eyeliner in 5 - Le Freak
Black mascara.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Purple & Glitter

Here's a look I did yesterday with purples and pinks. It looked a lot brighter in person than it does in the photos. I think natural light washes the colours out.

I used:

Hifi Cosmetics Live Large
Fyrinnae Seduce Glow Blush (worn in crease)
Fyrinnae Rapunzel Wore Extensions 
NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Crystal
Accessorize Pretty Pink Blusher

I really like the Nyx glitter, I like with this one that it's clear except for when the light catches it, when it's all multicoloured. Very pretty.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bronzy Summer Makeup

I haven't felt like doing a lot of complicated makeup looks this week as its so lovely and hot! So I've done a simple bronze look using the Urban Decay Naked Palette and Accessorize's gorgeous bronzer in Monaco. Since I'm pretty pale I'm usually very wary of bronzers but this one works well for me, especially since it's matte. So good for sunny days.

I used the bronzer all over the eyelid and underneath the eye, then blended some Half Baked and Smog from the Naked palette over that. I used a bit of the 24/7 liner in Whiskey and applied black mascara.

I think soon I'm going to have a go at the ombre hair everyones doing at the moment, so depending how well it goes I might do a post on that :)

Hope you're all enjoying the sun (if it's sunny where you are)!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Beauty From The Earth Swatches

Beauty From The Earth's eyeshadows are really beautiful, particularly their mattes, which are the nicest and smoothest matte eyeshadows I've used. I must get more! All are swatched over Pixie Epoxy.


Indoor lighting. 1st set of swatches seems more accurate to me. Pegasus & Deep Thoughts are more yellow, Seafoam is a bluer green.

Indoor lighting. 

Second set of swatches is much more accurate. Showgirl is glitter, Truffle is matte.

Beauty From The Earth cosmetics are available at http://bftecosmetics.com

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Eyes of the Day - Spring Brights!

Here in England it seems like Spring has really sprung. Last weekend was so warm and sunny, it was so lovely. I'm not sure these are exactly Spring like colours, but I think brights in general are what we need when the sun comes out :)

Products used

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Barry M Dazzle Dust #78 (Kingfisher)
BTFE Big Ego
Sleek Acid Palette

Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

HiFi Cosmetics Swatches

Since I have a gammy eye I thought it was probably best if I did swatches instead of an eye makeup look today. So I've swatched my collection of HiFi Shadows for you. All are shown over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. They are loose eyeshadows which come in a jar or as sample baggies. I'm not sure on prices as they are currently closed temporarily.

Greens blues, and a yellow.

Sunlight. Other Side isn't as blue as it looks here, and Lithium is lighter in real life.

Indoor lighting.

Morbid Faith isn't showing up as beautiful as it really is in these photos, but the aqua coloured shimmer in it is really beautiful. A good blue for people who shy away from blues (me!)

Reds, browns, pink & orange.


Indoor lighting. Colours are all truer in this swatch, particularly Live Large. Hell Frozen refused to show itself properly. In reality it's a cool brown with bluish silvery shimmer. Extremely beautiful. My Pain is also really gorgeous, an almost metallic red/plummy brown.

My favourites: Live Large, Morbid Faith, Mind Manipulator, My Pain and Hell Frozen.

I think these are my favourite loose eyeshadows alongside Fyrinnae's. They have some gorgeous bright colours and they're all really complex and unique. Some shades look a little uninspiring dry but come to life when foiled (used wet) or over Pixie Epoxy, particularly Live Large. Definitely check them out once the store reopens! You can sign up for an email update.

Hi Fi Cosmetics

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Vulcan Butterfly for giving me the versatile blogger award! I'm really pleased that people seem to like what I've been posting on here, especially since I just do it for fun and didn't really expect that so many people would start following me! Thanks again! Since I'm new to blogging I'm not really sure about the 'rules' for this sort of thing but it seems to me that you put 7 facts about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. Well here goes!

1. I have a university degree in English Literature. I love reading and studying books, mostly classics. I tend to stay away from modern literature, although my favourite book is The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder.

2. I'm a huge music fan, and have almost 9000 songs on my itunes/ipod. I love pretty much everything from early blues to pop.

3. My favourite band is The White Stripes, I saw them live 3 times, and I'm still upset that they've split up!

4. I'm also a big Christina Aguilera fan.

5. I love studio Ghibli films, particularly Laputa.

6. I work a crappy job in a supermarket.

7. Last year I went on the best holiday of my life, a road trip around south western USA.

And now 15 bloggers who I think are awesome!

1. Beauty's Bad Habit
2. Stay Beautiful
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4. Snooglerat's Randomness
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And an honourable mention for my Mum's blog! My World of Plastic.

And since I didn't think it deserved its own post, here's a quick EOTD. I've had a stye which went and came back, so haven't been able to so much makeup.