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Monday, 12 September 2011

Experiments in Makeup

Hi everyone! Today I spent most of the afternoon messing about with makeup and seeing what I could come up with. I like to do crazy stuff then just wash it off, if only to play with stuff in my collection that gets neglected.

My favourite look I created today was another one inspired by Pat McGrath's work:

As you can see I tried to conceal my eyebrow, but it's still visible. It was only my second time trying this though, so I guess practise will make perfect :)

I used Sugarpil eyeshadows except for the black, which was Sleek, and the pale blue under the eye is Fyrinnae's Winter Again.

I also did another eye look which is a bit drag queen so therefore I really enjoyed!

And I also tried something which didn't turn out very well, but I'll show you anyway.

For this look I used Sleek and Nyx eyeshadows and Ardell 117 lashes.

Glitter lips!

Something I have learnt through blogging: glitter is a massive pain to photograph! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. I love how creative this is! I especially adore the second look! Superinspiering. Glitter lips are a lot of fun but sometimes hard to wear. When I have it I usually use glitter that doesn't have green or blue pigments in it because it adds that "dead lips" look to it!

  2. I LOVE the drag queen look, the colour in the brow is awesome! Really liking the desconstructed-ness of the first look as well. Win!

  3. This is such a fun post, and so inspiring. Messing around with makeup has got to be my all time favorite.

    I'm also no good at concealing brows yet, it's a lot harder than people make it seem but I can just imagine the possibilities once I master it.

    Also, I'm LIVING for the gold shade in your first look. Unfffffff it's so good, I need it in my life!

  4. Thanks girls :)

    @Meredith Jessica: it's Sugarpill Goldilux, used wet. There is no better gold :) I actually patted it with my finger a bit to tone it down!

  5. Fun! Its always so fun to play around with crazy looks! Love the glitter lips!

  6. Ahhh these are lovely! So creative :) I really love the secong look.

  7. I really like the blue pink purple eyeshadow look :D

  8. Glitter IS a massive pain to photograph! I think you did an awesome job of the lips! Also, I may try to re-create the second look you did, the colour placement is way too neat! I have tried the concealed brow before as well for halloween and it is HARD to do a good job of it. What did you use?

  9. Vulcan Butterfly: I used a glue stick, then powered and concealer. Goldiestarling on youtube just did a cool tutorial using medical glue which looks better though.

  10. I am SERIOUSLY digging that drag queen look and the glitter lips! *steals*

  11. love these looks, defiantly will turn heads!