HyperSmash Hues N Blues: April 2012

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Detrivore Crystalline, Blue Hilite vs Sugarpill Lumi plus swatches

Hello everyone, sorry for the big break in posting, I'm afraid the quiet period isn't over yet however. I'm about to go on holiday tomorrow, so I will be having a break from everything including blogging. I will try photograph any makeup looks I do but I probably won't be posting over the next week or so.

Anyway, today I've got a quick comparison of a few similar colours that I've acquired recently. They are Detrivore's Crystalline eyeshadow, Detrivore Blue Hilite and Sugarpill Lumi. 

From L-R: Crystalline, Blue Hilite, Lumi over TFSS

These colours are very sheer, so the swatches don't give that much away to be honest. You might be able to tell in the first picture that Lumi is a lot more on the green side than the other two. Crystalline is slightly more complex than Blue Hilite, which is just pure blue shimmer on a clear base. Lumi also has a lot more larger shimmer particles, whereas the other two are more of a sheen finish than sparkly.

Over Pixie Epoxy, same order.

Sugarpill and Detrivore websites.

Hope this comparison helps some of you!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Zombies and Weddings

Hi everyone, sorry for not blogging lately. I have a lot of stuff on my plate at the moment, and was away this weekend. Also my skin is really really bad so I haven't really felt like showing it on the internet.

Anyway, I think I mentioned before that I took part in a zombie movie a couple of weeks ago. I've got some pictures to share now! Here's a few:

This weekend I was away for a wedding between two friends of mine, and had fun spending ages putting makeup on :p

I used shadows from various nude palettes, with Ardell lashes and The Body Needs Neon Yellow glitter on the inner corner. Lips are Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple.

Hope you're all well!