HyperSmash Hues N Blues: March 2011

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Country Pinball Machine Called 'Stand By Your Man'

Here's a gem of a song by The White Stripes, my favourite band of all time. The lyrics are absolute genius.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Eyes of the Day - Colour & Sparkle

Here is a look I did today. Not very original colour combo but I really like it.

Products Used

Fyrinnae Sennyo - Lid
BFTE Seafoam - Lower lashline
BFTE Showgirl - Over Sennyo
Sugarpill Tako + Buttercupcake - Inner corner
Sugarpill Dollipop - Crease
elf Ivory - Browbone

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Song of the Day: Giving Up

Donny Hathaway has one of my favourite voices ever. Real soul. Enjoy.

How To: Easy Smoky Eye

A couple of my friends told me they wanted to see tutorials showing how to do certain looks and techniques, so the first one I'm attempting is a simple rocker chick smoky eye. It only involves four items of makeup which I think most people own. I used two makeup brushes to do this; a flat eyeshadow brush and a fluffy blending brush, however you could do it with fingers or a cotton bud.

The first step is to prime your eyelid. This is important to stop the eyeshadow from creasing and makes colours look bolder. I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion, however there are others you can use, like Too Faced's Shadow Insurance or MAC Paint Pots. I personally find the Paint Pots crease on me though. These products are on the expensive side, however I find they last me a long time and are invaluable for making my eyeshadow stay on and look how I want. 

Spread a small amount of the primer over the eyelid from lashes to the browbone, and under the lower lashline.

Next, you will need a soft eyeliner pencil that you can smudge easily, or a dark cream eyeshadow or gel eyeliner. Something dark you can smudge around your eye. Put this onto the lid, keeping mostly near the lashline, and a little along the lower lashline. It doesn't need to be neat at this stage. You can use black, I'm using a dark brown as it's less harsh looking.

Now, blend the liner to soften it. You can use your finger or a stiff brush. Remove any stray smudges that get on your cheek or browbone with a wipe if necessary. 

Next you will need a dark eyeshadow to set the liner. You can use whatever you like here really, you can pick something to complement your eye colour or keep it monochromatic. I'm using Hustle from Urban Decay's Naked palette, which is a dark plummy brown. If you like you can use a fluffy brush to blend out any harsh lines.

Just add mascara and you're done!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Review: Collection 2000 Lock n Hold Glosses

The other day I was in Asda and spotted these glosses. They caught my attention because they have no shimmer or glitter in them. I like that for lips. So I picked up Body Pop (1), a bubblegum pink, and Rock Steady (3), a nude colour. They were on offer for £2 but I don't remember what the usual retail price was. They are brand new though, so I'm sure there will be lots of promotions on them. When I got home I wanted to find out more about them and check out the other shades since I hadn't spent long looking at them. I found out they aren't due to be released until the 14th or something, so I was quite pleased to have got them a week early!

Onto the photos.

Rock Steady on the left, Body Pop on the right.

Rock Steady on lips.

Body Pop on lips.

These glosses advertise themselves as being long-lasting, with the tube stating you can get "up to 6 hours wear". I've been wearing them at work during the week, and I can say they are just average in terms of how long they stay on the lips. I get about 2-3 hours wear maybe. They also tend to matte down as they wear, leaving just the colour on my lips. I have other lipglosses that last a lot better, but I tend not to expect lipgloss to stay on that long. I don't mind reapplying. The colour itself it pretty sheer, but I think they are nice. Rock Steady particularly is good for paling down your lips without giving you that 'concealer lips' look, which works well with a darker or smoky eye. 

Overall: I like the glosses, lovely colour selection and I love that they aren't shimmery at all. I would definitely repurchase, but don't buy them expecting them to last all day!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Blues of the Day: Feel So Good

JB is awesome, I love his trademark zebra tails, and his songs are just classic.

Ammo Palette Look

Hello everyone, I did a look today using Urban Decay's Ammo Palette.It's quite a popular palette so I'd thought I'd show you something using it. I really like it, but I think it has its drawbacks. One of the most annoying thing to me is that there are no matte colours. For this look I didn't do a browbone highlight, since I feel it would be too much to have shimmer on the lid and the browbone. All the colours are either very shimmery or have big chunks of glitter. Very pretty, but sometimes you need something to play them off against in my opinion. Anyway, here's the look:

I used only shadows from the Ammo Palette.

Main lid colour: Grifter
Outer third of lid & crease - Shattered
Crease - Mildew
Inner corner - Sin & Polyester Bride
Lower lashline - Last Call

Hope you like it!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Eyes of the Day - Soft Brights

Hello everyone. This is a look I did yesterday; I wanted to use some colours that I don't use all that often, so I went for a couple of my HiFi Cosmetics shadows. I think it turned out nice, although it was softer than I expected. I find that with most of the HiFi colours I have, that they are a little sheer when used dry, but they are still really gorgeous. Please ignore the mascara under my eye, I didn't notice it til I looked at the photos *rolls eyes*.

Products Used

Fyrinnae Omgwtf (shimmery chartreuse green) - inner corner
HiFi Live Large (fuchsia with blue shimmer) - lid
HiFi Morbid Faith (medium cornflower blue with paler turquoise shimmer) - outer corner & crease

Hope you like it!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Fyrinnae Swatches Part 3: Blues Greens & Golds

Here's the final installment of my Fyrinnae swatches, featuring the greens, blues golds and yellows I own from them. Fyrinnae make some of the prettiest green eyeshadows ever, they are so beautiful and unique. Just to note that the company isn't taking orders at the moment, and they often have a rather long order processing time. Despite this, I still whole-heartedly recommend them, it's really worth the wait. 

All the swatches are as usual, shown over Pixie Epoxy. This helps sparkles to stick, and colours to show up their richness and complexity so much better.

Indoor lighting.



Notes: To me, Sea Turtle looks greener than it appears here. To my eye it is a soft grey-green. Pixie Epoxy makes the lilac shimmer show up more, turning it the shade it appears here.
Leif looks brighter to my eye, it's really a true grass green.
Adam & Steve's is a little more turquoise to my eye than it looks here.


Indoor lighting.

Notes: I think the second photos shows the colours pretty accurately. Lights of Kyoto and Winter, Again are quite similar, except Lights of Kyoto has a sheer base and larger sparkles, whereas Winter, Again has a soft pale blue base.

My favourites of these shadows are Omgwtf, Dokkalfar, Biker Chic, Dressed to Kill, Dragonskin and Adam & Steve's. I think Dokkalfar Dragonskin and Dressed to Kill work really well together for green smoky eyes, especially when used over Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Stash. I love those olive-y greens on myself.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog and commented, I appreciate it so much :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Very Superstitious...

The first of the month holds a lot of superstition for some people, but I'll let Stevie tell you what I think of that ;)