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Monday, 2 July 2012

La Femme Blush On Rouge: Review and Swatches

Hi everyone! Today I have something to show you which I am SO excited about! You need to see these.

I recently bought some La Femme blushes, along with the 12-pan palette which they fit into. I first heard about them from Wayne Goss/gossmakeupartist on Youtube (if you haven't already, watch his videos, they are brilliant!), who raved about them.

Here's what they look like in the palette:

Top row: L-R: Magenta, Orange, Peach Sparkle, Scarlet, Naturelle, Sienna.
Bottom row: L-R: Purple Passion, Fuchsia, Mulberry, Flamingo Pink, Misty Plum, Soft Beige.

I bought the blushes as individual pans, which are magnetic and just fit perfectly into the palette. The palette itself has little holes in the back so you can use a pin to push the pans out, avoided breaking the blusher when prying them out. The pans themselves are the same size as Sugarpill eyeshadows, if that helps for reference, or 1.45 inch/36.83 mm.

I swatched them dry, on bare skin (no primer):

Natural sunlight.

With camera flash. L-R: Magenta, Orange, Peach Sparkle, Scarlet, Naturelle, Sienna.

I'll describe the textures/colours for you as best I can:

Magenta: Very bright, raspberry pink. Matte.
Orange: Bright matte orange.
Peach Sparkle: Fairly dark coral shade with subtle shimmer.
Scarlet: Pale peachy pink. Matte.
Naturelle: Light orangey-peach. Matte.
Sienna: Warm mid-brown. Matte. Good contour on medium-dark skin.

Natural sunlight.
L-R: Purple Passion, Fuchsia, Mulberry, Flamingo Pink, Misty Plum, Soft Beige.

Purple Passion: Plummy purple with blue shimmer.
Fuchsia: BRIGHT hot pink. Similar to Sugarpill Dollipop, only matte. More blue-toned than Magenta, less red.
Mulberry: Medium mauve, matte.
Flamingo Pink: Bright but light blue-based pink. Matte.
Misty Plum: Neutral, mauvey pink. Matte.
Soft Beige: Soft brown shade, excellent contour on light-medium skin tones. Matte.

I cannot say enough good things about these blushes. They are SO pigmented, enough to use them as eyeshadows, which makes them even better value than they already are. The pans are fairly large, which, along with the pigmentation means they will last ages. I bought mine from Makeup Mania where they were only $2.50 for the pan only (depotted) or $3.00 for the ones in a plastic casing. However if you are ordering from the UK, be aware that you may incur import duty on them, which I did. You can also get La Femme blushes from Genie Cosmetics in the UK, where they are currently £2.99 each, still great value.

These colours are really really bright overall, but they can be blended out to achieve a more natural look, but you know they are going to show up on even the darkest skins. There are more 'natural' shades in the range though. They are so true to the colour in the pan, in fact I think they come out even brighter on the skin. The texture is beautiful, very easy to blend but not chalky. You may need to use a light hand to avoid picking up too much product, but these will work great with a fluffy brush or a fan brush. Perfect for a makeup artists kit.

Conclusion: Buy some now! Great pigment, great price.


  1. Oh my days! Perfect! I like that the palettes have a little hole in them as well, how nifty!

  2. These are gorgeous! Love how pigmented these look!

  3. I heard great reviews about La Femme blushes.
    nice collection! x

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  4. awesome palette, I've got to get my hands on it!!

  5. Omg the pigmentations are gorgeous! This is a must-have palette for blushes lovers :) Beautiful swatches!


  6. Looks like a lot of really usable colors in this!

  7. Oooh, I see a lot of colours that I like! I also like the nice looking texture of the matte ones!

  8. Beautiful! I have 24 of these and just posted swatches. Thanks for your review; I love the colors. Purple Passion is intense!

  9. Lovely swatches! :D Their definitely worth the price!
    ~Pauline @ Urban Decay Philippines

  10. I have heard about La Femme Blushes also through Wayne Goss nad that was long time ago already and i don't know why i never got to pick them up. Now i want to get hem. Just wondering how much you paid for the shipping from the US?

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