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Friday, 7 October 2011

Indie4Ever Review: Haus of Gloi Sugar Exfoliant

Hello! Today I have a review of one of my all-time favourite bath and body products. I'm doing this as part of KimmieKarmaLove's Indie4Ever project.

It's Haus of Gloi's Sugar Exfoliant, also called the Emulsifying Scrub on their website.

The labels on Haus of Gloi products are always beautiful, with the description and directions on the label. The labels on bath/body products are made of a plastic-y material so water won't smudge the writing. The graphics coordinate with the name and idea surrounding each scent.

They describe the product as:

"A luscious in shower confection designed to both moisturize and buff your skin to incredible softness! Our made from scratch recipe begins with heaps of organic sugar, pure shea butter and coconut oil whipped lightly with a host of a skin loving olive and apricot oils. These emulsifying scrubs are balmy in texture, do not require stirring and never leave you feeling too greasy after use. When combined with water these scrubs emulse into a very light cream and rinse away leaving you perfectly moisturized and divinely scented! 100% vegan, always."

I really like this scrub, as it is the perfect amount of scrubbiness for the body, and really gets the skin smooth. I think this scrub, as opposed to the other type Haus of Gloi make, the Bubbling Scrub, would be my pick for dry skin. After using it, I feel like the oil and shea butter stays on your skin to leave a moisturising layer. Despite this, I never feel greasy after getting out of the shower, however I wouldn't use this in the bath then wash my hair in it! If you do use it in the bath you can see the oils on top of the water, Because of this, if you suffer from acne on your body or don't like a lot of moisturiser or oils on your skin, you might not like this product. If that's you I'd probably recommend the bubbling scrub instead, which washes away more cleanly.

I suffer from bumps on my legs, and this is the only thing I find helps them to go away, when used in conjunction with a body butter or their Body Emulsion. This definitely helps to smooth the skin out a lot.

As for the scents, I have loved every scent I've tried from Haus of Gloi. The descriptions on their website are very accurate to me. My favourite for the scrub is probably Picaroon, which is a salty limey smell, very refreshing for in the shower. You can also get perfumes and body butters in the same scent, which can help keep that smell on your skin for longer.

Overall I think this is a fantastic product which I highly recommend! UK/non US customers should be aware that because these are heavy products, the shipping costs are fairly high, and you may encounter import tax, but I still feel the price is very reasonable for such a well-made and thought out product.

Sugar Exfoliants are available from hausofgloi.com and are priced at $10 for 7.5oz, or $2 for a 1oz sample.


  1. Great review! What else is good from HoG, I'd love to try them. Stupid import tax :(

  2. Thanks :) I like everything I've tried from them. The perfume oils, and pumpkin butter are my other faves though.

  3. oh I love sugarscrubs!!! I have one from Lush and it feels like you're scrubing the scent/flavour into the skin! Yum!

  4. Such a very helpful, informative review! :D might keep an eye for this.