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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Eyes of the Day - Everyday Neutral

Hey everyone, this is just a quick simple look I did a few days ago. I noticed a lot of people liked the Mac post so this look incorporates some of the few Mac shadows I own. This is one of my fave combos for when I want to look made-up but quite natural. It's the sort of thing I would wear to an interview or something.

 I tried to edit the colour balance to show the colours as they truly are, but it still turned out more purple than they really are.

I used:

MAC Malt - lid
Sue Moxley silvery taupe (sorry I don't know the shade number!)- crease
MAC Embark - along upper lashline

Hope you like it. I have some of the beauty uk pearl eyeliners and a lipstick from the new range if anyone would like to see a review of those. Let me know.


  1. Really cute - I love that taupe!

  2. This is so pretty! I really enjoy the contrast between textures, it looks like the lid shade is fairly matte while the crease colour is a lot more shimmery!

  3. Man I suck at doing understated neutral colors. I always end up with an intense brown smokey eye. I really need to try and embrace the less is more principle. Well done.