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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Skincare: Home-made Facial Scrub

Last night my sister decided she was going to try a home-made facial scrub using baking soda and honey, so naturally I asked if I could blog about it! Please note that neither of us is a trained beautician or skincare expert, so do your own research before trying this yourself :)

I lent her an empty scrub sample jar from Haus of Gloi for this experiment, which was quite small. She made it up last night and I've just tried it myself. I think it's probably best to mix it up in small amounts and use it straight away, as it had gone all foamy when I came to use it.

I'm not sure of the exact amounts to use, but all you need to do is mix enough of the baking soda and honey to make a paste. You could also use olive oil, particularly if you have dry skin. Here's a picture of the scrub:

It's best to use this on wet skin, as the scrub is quite abrasive, and too harsh to use on dry skin. Rub it into your skin as you would with any facial scrub.

Here's my sister Alice mid-scrub, looking beautiful!

Next, just rinse it off with warm water.

All smooth!

We found that the scrub made our skin really smooth, but can be a little harsh. It's probably something I would only use every week or less. The texture reminded me very much of a 'microdermabrasion' scrub I had used in the past from Avon. I suspect baking soda is their main ingredient. Overall, I think it worked pretty nicely!

Let me know if you'd like to see more home-made beauty treatments!


  1. Hmmm, never thought to use baking soda! Innnnneresting!

  2. I love home made beauty stuff! It's so fun! If you do anymore, I'd love to read about it!

  3. Thanks, I'll be sure to post about it if we try some other things :)

  4. If I run out of baking soda, I'll try Avon facial scrub in my cakes in future!