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Monday, 23 May 2011

My Pretty Zombie: Swatches and Thoughts

I received my first order from My Pretty Zombie last week, and I have to say I'm quite impressed. The eyeshadows I got are not like any I already have in my collection (this is quite difficult to do! :p). I love that the company has a specific brand identity, and all the names of the products go along with this.

I bought three full-size eyeshadows, which are 1.5g weight, and come in a pot without a sifter. They cost $5 each at time of posting. They came individually shrink-wrapped, which I think is good to prevent them leaking in transit but not essential for me. The owner also kindly sent me 3 free samples in baggies. My items were all boxed with tissue paper and ribbon; very thoughtful and prettily presented.

Shade names are printed on the side of the jar, which might be annoying if you like to see the names in a drawer or something, but I don't mind.

 Unicorn Pee
Old Bruise

All are swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, except Old Bruise which is over UDPP, since it doesn't work well with mattes.

I found them all to be really well pigmented and smooth. Of course with Unicorn Pee being so glittery, it's best to use a sticky base such as the Pixie Epoxy to make the glitter stay on. I love the complexity of the colours, especially Thundernuts which is beautiful. Many of the eyeshadows they do have duochromes which I love. My favourites are the 3 I picked out myself, plus Illustrated Ink. I would definitely order from them again, and the owner was really quick to send me a message saying when my order would be sent out.You can see the products here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mrsevils


  1. Wow, that looks like a giant present! Love those sample colors!

  2. Old Bruise and Thundernuts look awesome! Do you know how similar Unicorn Pee is to Fyrinnae's Dinosaur Plushie? The way I store my jars, I kind of like the names printed on the side.

  3. Robyn: No, I don't have Dinosaur Plushie (yet!), but I know it's super duper sparkly. From my experience of Fyrinnae, their glitter is finer whereas in Unicorn Pee it's quite large. But I haven't seen them side by side :)

  4. I like the name printed on the side of the jar. The colours look lovely, but I think I might have to get Thundernuts just because of the name!

  5. Unicorn pee looks so cool! :D