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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Eyeshadow on the Lips?!

Hi everyone. Just a quick post because I'm not putting enough content on here lately. I have been playing with makeup a lot though, so I thought I'd show you one of my experiments. Hope you enjoy.

A lot of people think you can only use a product for a specific use, or just stick to what the name suggests you should do with something. It's often fun to play around though, using lip products on the eyes or cheeks, and eye colours elsewhere on the face. One of the easiest ways to experiment is to mix a loose pigment or eyeshadow with a clear lipgloss (or Vaseline) to create your own custom lipstick. For these I used Fyrinnae eye shadows mixed with just a clear gloss. All you need to do is check on the label or company website to see if your product is safe to use in the area. Here are the looks I created:

 Arcane Magic: Faerie Glamour. This one says it's not safe for lips, but I took it off straight after :p Just don't try this at home haha!

 Arcane Magic: Velvet Vampire. Looks patchy in the photos, but in real life it looked great. I actually love this on the lips and would definitely wear it out.

Biker Chic. This was hard to get on neatly, as are all really dark or pigmented lipglosses. It also came out a lot blacker than I expected, and the turquoise sparkles don't show up much.

Playing around with make-up is a lot of fun, trial and error is required but just go for it! It's only make-up remember, it washes off :) Hope you liked this post!


  1. I like to play with makeup too and I've often used eyeshadows on the lips. They add a pop of colour and I love it. Great post!


  2. I quite often do this on shoots and so on - it's not always comfortable but if you're not wearing it all day, who cares? I think a lot of people are funny about mixing products up because of eye/lip safe ingredient concerns... Personally on myself, I don't care! I love the one with Biker Chic.

  3. Velvet Vampire looks amazing as a lippie. Awesome!

  4. These are all gorgeous! I have definitely used eyeshadows on my lips, but I don't make my own lipglosses like this very often because I don't understand eye/ lip safety very well... I am a scaredy cat :P I suppose once in awhile won't kill you, especially if you're not wearing it while you're eating or anything like that. Maybe I will start experimenting!

  5. Yes ! Love Velvet Vampire on the lips :)
    I do this pretty often , especially when i need a color i don't have in my lippiestash :D

  6. Yay!!! I love mixing eyeshadows together with a lip balm and put it on the lips!!! Sometimes you can start with the lipbalm and dabb some shadow on top!! I think it's great tp play around with make up and find new things to!! More of that!!/Azure