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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

HiFi Cosmetics Swatches

Since I have a gammy eye I thought it was probably best if I did swatches instead of an eye makeup look today. So I've swatched my collection of HiFi Shadows for you. All are shown over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. They are loose eyeshadows which come in a jar or as sample baggies. I'm not sure on prices as they are currently closed temporarily.

Greens blues, and a yellow.

Sunlight. Other Side isn't as blue as it looks here, and Lithium is lighter in real life.

Indoor lighting.

Morbid Faith isn't showing up as beautiful as it really is in these photos, but the aqua coloured shimmer in it is really beautiful. A good blue for people who shy away from blues (me!)

Reds, browns, pink & orange.


Indoor lighting. Colours are all truer in this swatch, particularly Live Large. Hell Frozen refused to show itself properly. In reality it's a cool brown with bluish silvery shimmer. Extremely beautiful. My Pain is also really gorgeous, an almost metallic red/plummy brown.

My favourites: Live Large, Morbid Faith, Mind Manipulator, My Pain and Hell Frozen.

I think these are my favourite loose eyeshadows alongside Fyrinnae's. They have some gorgeous bright colours and they're all really complex and unique. Some shades look a little uninspiring dry but come to life when foiled (used wet) or over Pixie Epoxy, particularly Live Large. Definitely check them out once the store reopens! You can sign up for an email update.

Hi Fi Cosmetics


  1. I LOVE MORBID FAITH. It's one of my favourite blues ever. You should check out the Labyrinth collection too :)

  2. I'm definitely getting more HiFi once they reopen so I'll take a look at it! Morbid Faith is so lovely, and I usually hate blues on myself.

  3. just found your blog and my love for make up and bright colours means I love it!!!hope your eyes better soon xxx

  4. Thanks! I see you're from near Leeds, me too! :)

  5. Hell frozen looks interesting, will check it out when shop opens soon :)

  6. Nice swatches! I'm loving My Pain and Hell Frozen! I love the names of them all too. Hope your eye gets better!

  7. These are all amazing! I need to order from them already.