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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nyx Lip Palette Review

They had this palette in TK Maxx just before Christmas, but all the ones I saw were battered up and looked like they'd had grubby fingers shoved into them, so I passed. So I was pleased last weekend to see they'd got some more in, all sealed up nicely!

96 colours - 'every colour imaginable' it says, and this is pretty true. The palette contains lots of neutrals, reds, nudes, plums and pink to suit every skintone, as well as some more unusual shades, including black, blue, silver, gold, green and yellow. 

Inside is a reasonably large mirror which would be really useful when travelling or doing makeup on someone else to show them.

 The inside sections slide out to reveal all the colours, as well as 4 double ended lip brushes. I quite like the brushes, although it seems like they would go a bit soft with use.
Swatches of a few of the colours. They vary in terms of finish and pigmentation. As you can see the red is very pigmented, whereas the gold/metallic colours seem on the whole more sheer. Most of them are on the glossy side but they are definitely lipsticks rather than glosses.

A couple of them swatched on my lips; a red and a nude. They feel nice and creamy on the lips, not too drying although I can't tell you how they wear as I took them off after I took photos. 

Overview: I definitely think this is a great buy for anyone wanting to experiment with a ton of different lip colours, or for makeup artists' kits. It's easily portable and the packaging looks nice. Probably the only downside I can think of is that the pans are quite small; if you really liked one of the colours I could see them running out quite quickly. I'm not sure if these are unique to the palette or Nyx sells them separately. They are not labelled with shade names.
I bought this for £9.99 but it said RRP £29.99. Not sure where else these would be available in the UK.

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